“Trefoil system” – what is it?

“Trefoil“ is a dental implantation method designed to restore a patient’s lower jaw. During the procedure, 3 implants get attached to the lower jaw. If the procedure is successful, these implants receive their permanent prostheses on the same day.


The procedure is extremely accurate as it uses a prefabricated structure with a unique locking mechanism. Using this mechanism, it is possible to establish the ideal position of the thread of the implants in accordance with the jaw.


“Trefoil” implantation restores lost teeth, restores occlusal strength, stability and a sense of security. Soon the patient can smile, laugh, and chew hard food without any discomfort.


Benefits of the “Trefoil” system

By using this advanced method you can restore the lower jaw in 1-2 days, so soon you will be able to enjoy a new smile without any discomfort. Besides, “Trefoil” implantation ensures extremely strong and long-lasting fixation of artificial teeth on implants.

Cons of the “Trefoil” system

Although “Trefoil” implantation is a very safe procedure, in very rare cases, healing can be complicated. This disadvantage may result when the patient does not follow the recommendations after the procedure.


Common complications:

  • • Postoperative bleeding.
  • • Damage to adjacent tissues.
  • • Infection in the implant area.
  • • Inflammation of the tissues at the implant.
  • • The prosthesis was chosen incorrectly.

The course of “Trefoil” system

Before the surgery, the patient’s state of health is being determined. After complete analgesia of the surgical site, a screw is threaded into the cheekbone, on which the new tooth will later be attached. Careful care and adherence to recommendations are required after surgery.

When dental implantation using the “Trefoil” system is prohibited?

Dental implantation is not recommended for individuals under 16-17 years of age. People with chronic diseases and heavy smokers (who smokes more than 20 cigarettes a day) should avoid this procedure.

Other implantation methods:

Immediate implantation

The clinic uses advanced implants that restore teeth in just one day. The implant is screwed into the root of the tooth that has just been removed and a temporary tooth is immediately attached. The appearance of a temporary tooth is no different from the natural tooth. However, after immediate implantation, your chewing functions will remain limited until an implant fully heals up, but you will instantly enjoy your new, beautiful smile, and comfortable chewing function will soon follow.
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all on 4
The unique All-on-4 treatment is designed for people who have lost most or all of their teeth. With this technique, only 4 implants are used instead of 6-8 for complete restoration of teeth for one jaw. This implantation technique takes care of your oral health and helps avoid complicated bone augmentation procedures.
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Zygoma implants are quite different from conventional dental implants in that they anchor into the cheekbones, instead of your upper jaw. They may be used when maxillary bone quality or quantity is inadequate for the placement of regular dental implants. Zygoma implants are very durable and reliable. Attachment of an implant to the zygomatic bone securely holds teeth crowns in place.
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Zirconia dental implants

Zirconia dental implants are known as non-metal, ceramic implants. Because the substance has no harm to the human body, zirconia implants are often recommended for people prone to allergic reactions. The new generation of zirconia implants is one of the safest, most reliable, and durable dental restoration methods. Zirconium dental implants are durable and look more natural. Because Zirconium does not release any allergic particles to the body, this method of implantation is strongly recommended for allergy-prone patients.
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“Trefoil” system

“Trefoil” is a dental implantation method used for the recovery of lower jaw teeth. During “Trefoil” implantation, 3 implants are screwed into your lower jaw, and you will be ready for attachment of permanent dental crowns the next day. A fast and incredibly effective treatment.
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