Become a memebr of CLINIC | DPC team!

CLINIC | DPC dental clinic network has 10 clinics in Lithuania and a dental clinic in London. Our goal is to keep expanding – both in Lithuania and abroad. It is important for us that the patients around the world receive professional dental procedures performed by thoughtful, dedicated professionals, that is why we pay so much attention to the company team. If you want to work at CLINIC | DPC, we provide employment opportunities in the city you are most comfortable with! We offer work for all dental professionals: dentists, dental hygienists, and assistants. CLINIC | DPC willingly provides internship opportunities for students!

The encourage qualified dental technicians, as well as people interested in internship opportunities, to work at CLINIC | DPC laboratory in Kaunas.

Right now we
are looking for:

  • Assistant Dentist in Kaunas;
  • Assistant Dentist in Jurbarkas-Raseiniai;
  • Oral hygienist in Jurbarkas-Raseiniai;
  • Dentist in Vilnius-Utena;
  • Dentist in Šiauliai;
  • Clinic administrator in Vilnius.


Please send your CV to [email protected] or call +370 652 21 600.