What is therapeutic treatment?

Experienced CLINIC | DPC specialists treat all dental and oral diseases, as well as provide the necessary preventive care.

Dental and oral disease prevention

CLINIC | DPPC clinics pay special attention to preventive measures to stop the development of dental and oral diseases. We recommend that every patient registers for a dentist appointment twice a year for an evaluation of dental and oral health and, if necessary, application of timely preventive measures or early treatment.

Tooth decay treatment

Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases resulting from the interaction of acids and microorganisms in dental plaque, causing demineralization of the hard tissue of the tooth and formation of cavities. If tooth decay is discovered in time, it is cleaned to a healthy, hard tooth tissue and filled.

Old filling replacement

Patients often wonder why it is important to replace an old filling, that is still in place. The answer is quite simple – old dental fillings have a high shrinkage rate, which eventually results in the appearance of invisible micro-gaps between the tooth and the surface of the filling. These micro-gaps are easily penetrated by bacteria, which leads to the accumulation of food particles, the formation of harmful acidic environment and the tooth starts to decay (hard tooth tissue starts decaying, also known as recurrent decay). If ongoing damage is not prevented, the tooth can chip or break off. Modern fillings have a much lower shrinkage rate, and proper dental filling procedures almost eliminate the risk of recurrent decay.

Aesthetic frontal and molar teeth fillings

The aesthetic filling is a great way to restore and correct your teeth. This treatment method takes care of the necessary preservation of the tooth tissue, recovers its anatomy, color, translucency, and beauty. The aesthetic filling is recommended for patients with decayed, discolored, damaged, misaligned, crooked or irregular teeth, as well as for closure of diastema (interdental space), or restoration of teeth after an accident. When a tooth is severely damaged, the recreation of the relief of chewing space focuses on recreating proper function and aesthetics. Tooth cusps and pits that are necessary for proper chewing, protection from natural wear, and maintaining of bite height are properly recreated. Restoration treatment is performed with the best quality filling materials, resembling the translucency and shades of healthy, natural teeth.

Restoration of chipped and broken teeth

Modern filling materials are aesthetic and rigid. The application of the best dental bonding agents allows perfect reconstruction of the tooth and the restoration will last for many years. After evaluating the damage of the tooth, your doctor will recommend the most suitable and effective restoration treatment.

Sensitive teeth treatment

A lot of our patients complain about tooth sensitivity and are experiencing discomfort while eating, drinking cold drinks, or just breathing in the air. When the cause of sensitivity is discovered, it is not hard to apply the right treatment – These problems can be solved with fluoride-containing rinses, application of fluoride varnish or gel, tooth neck fillings, etc.

Frequently asked questions

The treatment should not cause any discomfort since it is performed with local anesthesia. Few days after the treatment, the patient can experience some teeth sensitivity. If needed, anti-inflammatory medication is used to alleviate the pain.
The duration of the treatment depends on the clinical condition of the patient. The duration and number of necessary visits depend on the complexity of the required treatment. On average, one visit lasts about 1 – 1.5 hours.

What is the cost of these procedures?

Each patient’s case is different, so we only set the price after a thorough analysis of the patient’s condition. Contact us and we will determine the best possible price for you
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Our services can be purchase with a hire-purchase agreement. Pay for services with „SB Lizingas“ for the first 12 months without a price increase.
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Our patients

A perfectly restored smile. Thank you to the whole team at CLINIC | DPC. 10/10!

Thanks to Doctor Simonas, my self-confidence has finally returned. It is such a great feeling to smile again! Thank you.

I am a CLINIC|DPC patient. I have been to several dental clinics before, but unfortunately, my treatment was unsuccessful. It must have been fate that led me to CLINIC|DPC, where I found wonderful doctors and a staff that always greets me with a smile. I have never been to a clinic with such a cozy, positive environment. Thank you for your tremendous work at restoring our smiles. I am very happy that I’m being treated at your clinic. Thank you, Dr. Simonas, for leading your wonderful team with honesty, sincerity, and a big smile on your face.

I’m not the kind of person that writes comments and reviews, but it would be a sin to not express my gratitude after such a wonderful service. The received treatment is a great example of world-class service. Thank you for your exceptional punctuality, professionalism, and communication.

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