What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that corrects malpositioned teeth and jaws. Crooked teeth, abnormal bite are serious problems that affect our aesthetic appearance and can increase the likelihood of tooth decay and wear. Most orthodontic patients are children and teenagers, but orthodontic treatment can be applied to adults.

When orthodontic treatment should be applied?

Orthodontic treatment is utilized when the patient has crooked teeth, an abnormal bite or annoying interdental gaps. Orthodontic treatment improves facial aesthetics, and in some cases helps to successfully restore impaired speech, swallowing, and chewing functions, and prevents future health problems.

Orthodontic treatment methods:

Orthodontic treatment is performed with dental plates, metal or ceramic braces and orthodontic mouthguards.

Metal braces

Traditional metal braces are the most popular choice among patients. Made out of stainless steel, they are sturdy and efficient in their function. Metal braces a little cheaper than the alternative, better looking ceramic braces. Although metal braces have improved dramatically since their predecessors, they are still clearly visible with a smile, so not all people commit to this treatment. When wearing traditional braces, you should see your orthodontist once a month for a correction.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are less noticeable, more aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal braces. Both ceramic braces and wire connecting them are made of whitish, translucent porcelain that resembles the color of healthy teeth Such braces are much harder to spot at first glance and are usually chosen by people for whom it is visually unacceptable to wear metal braces. When wearing ceramic braces, it is also necessary to correct them once a month.

Tooth straightening, orthodontic mouthguards

Orthodontic treatment with transparent orthodontic mouthguards is a great alternative to dental braces. Transparent mouthguards are placed on the teeth during this treatment. Like braces, they push their teeth into the desired position. These mouthguards need to be replaced every two weeks, during which time the teeth are straightened. Today, this technology is the most convenient, almost invisible way to straighten crooked teeth and fix an abnormal bite.

Frequently asked questions

Crooked, irregular teeth do not provide the sufficient self-cleaning, so dental plaque builds up faster. It can cause inflammation of the surrounding tissue and accelerate the development of tooth decay.
Genetics, poor dental care, and other dental issues can influence the formation of abnormal bite. Causes of the abnormal bite may include childhood habit of sucking something (eg., a thumb), poor care of baby teeth, prolonged use of a pacifier, constant mouth breathing (may be caused by respiratory problems during childhood), late prosthesis or premature loss of tooth/teeth. Such cases can distort the position of other teeth, creating an abnormal bite. Teeth grinding (bruxism) caused by stress, anxiety, and other reasons cause damage to the teeth, which also results in an irregular bite.
In most cases, the duration of the treatment is determined during a consultation with a patient. Orthodontic treatment can last from 4 months up to 3 years or even longer. The duration depends on the position of the teeth in the dental arches, and the relationship between the upper and lower jaw teeth.
To make sure that orthodontic treatment with dental braces is going smoothly and progresses without any inconveniences, the patient should go to the dentist every 7-8 weeks.
Such a case is very rare. After the braces are put on, the patient will experience some teeth sensitivity for the next few days.

What is the cost of these procedures?

Each patient’s case is different, so we only set the price after a thorough analysis of the patient’s condition. Contact us and we will determine the best possible price for you.
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