When dental root canal treatment is performed?

Root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) is performed when the pulp is damaged – the nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels inside the tooth. In dental caries or after dental injuries, when bacteria reach the pulp, inflammation begins. This inflammation is called pulpitis, and it requires root canal treatment. These procedures are also performed on a dead pulp or the abscess around the root. Retreatment of a root canal is performed when the canals have previously been poorly treated, which resulted in the formation of a pore.

Preparation for a root canal treatment

At the beginning of the procedure, an X-ray of the patient’s teeth is taken to evaluate the condition of the teeth.

The course of root canal treatment procedures

The treatment begins with chemomechanical preparation of the root canal with endodontic instruments, disinfectant solutions, and special root canal filler material. The duration of endodontic treatment/retreatment greatly depends on the diagnosis of the disease and the complexity of the clinical case.

Procedures after root canal treatment

The duration of endodontic treatment/retreatment greatly depends on the diagnosis of the disease and the complexity of the clinical case. After endodontic treatment, it is very important to properly restore the tooth crown to protect the tooth root canal system from re-infection and reduce the risk of root fracture.

Endodontic whitening

After poor endodontic treatment, the treated teeth can change their color and become greyish, yellowish, or even blackened. This tooth discoloration is highly undesirable, especially for frontal teeth. Lifeless, dead teeth need to be whitened by injecting a special substance into the root canal. Whitening procedures are less effective on endodontically treated, discolored teeth. Endodontic whitening is a wonderful procedure that turns these unfortunate teeth white again. Before starting teeth whitening procedures, the filling of root canals is evaluated. A very small part of the filler is then removed and insulated with a special material. The whitening substance is injected inside the dental crown. Once the desired effect is achieved, the tooth can be restored with a permanent filler.

Frequently asked questions

The treatment itself does not cause any discomfort, because it is performed under local anesthesia. You can experience some tooth sensitivity for a few days after the treatment. If sensitivity manifests into pain, anti-inflammatory medication can be used to alleviate it.
The duration of treatment depends on the clinical condition of a patient. The duration and the number of required visits depend on the complexity of the treatment. One visit usually lasts about 1-1.5 hours.

What is the cost of these procedures?

Each patient’s case is different, so we only set the price after a thorough analysis of the patient’s condition. Contact us and we will determine the best possible price for you.
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