Every smile
has a story

Ričardas’ story


Just over ten years ago, periodontitis began to drastically “mow” my teeth. That’s when I realized the great value of having healthy and beautiful teeth. A few years ago, CLINIC | DPC gave me a gift of a smile. The word “gift” is particularly meaningful and accurate in this situation. Thanks to this gift, I am no longer afraid to open my mouth and smile when talking to my granddaughters, friends, and acquaintances.


I have been treated with an “all-on-4” method and prosthetic dentistry procedures – they have truly changed not only my oral health but also my life! Many things have completely changed: the way I talk, the quality of eating, and, of course, the aesthetic side of the deal. Now I feel like a completely different person.


I was very surprised and delighted that CLINIC | DPC has such a young staff, but this youth certainly does not indicate unprofessionalism. Not only did all the professionals perform their work with the highest quality, but they also communicated very pleasantly. I am very grateful to them for that.

All dental treatment challenges can be overcome by choosing the right team!

How did we treat Ričardas?

  • 1

    We created an individualized treatment plan.

    At first, we began by thoroughly consulting the patient and taking a panoramic photo. After creating a treatment plan, we explained everything to the patient in detail. For best results, oral hygiene procedures were performed.
  • 2

    Teeth removal and implantation

    At first, we removed non-functional teeth and attached the implants. These procedures were performed under sedation, as requested by the patient. After receiving the measurements required for the temporary dental bridges, the patient was discharged in the evening with temporary prostheses, which will serve him until permanent dental bridges are manufactured. The patient also received a protective dental mouthguard. An appointment was scheduled 10 days later to remove the stitches used in the procedure.
  • 3

    Preparation for prosthetic dentistry procedures

    Ričardas’ follow-up visit was scheduled two months later, during which a panoramic photo was taken, and his healing process has been clinically evaluated. Four months later we began the attachment of permanent prostheses: after the necessary measurements, permanent prostheses (dental bridges) were carefully created in our laboratory.
  • 4

    Prostheses on implants

    At the end of our treatment, permanent dental bridges were screwed on the implants. Temporary prostheses were given to the patient.
  • 5

    Follow-up dental care

    After 6 months, to ensure quality and long-term results, we invited the patient for a check-up visit and oral hygiene procedures.