What is the All-on-4® method?

All-on-4® method changes the entire course of dental treatment, shortens the time of procedures and significantly reduces costs. This method avoids complicated bone augmentation procedures.


The unique All-on-4® treatment is suitable for people who have lost most or all of their teeth and have traditionally been offered removable dentures. This method uses only 4 instead of 6-8 implants to completely restore the teeth of one jaw. This method often helps to avoid complicated bone augmentation procedures.

What is a dental implant?

This is an artificial tooth root, made of titanium, inserted into the jaw, and an artificial tooth is glued to it.

Why it is worth to choose All-on-4® method?

  • • Implants function like natural tooth roots.
  • • Implants are made of biocompatible materials.
  • • It’s a perfect and low-cost method to restore teeth.
  • • Supports the natural jaw bone and protects it from further degeneration by stimulating it.
  • • TIt is stable and comfortable support for various dental prosthetic solutions.

The advantages of dental implants over conventional dentures

  • The implants are fixed to a non-removable denture, so it is stable, does not move when chewing, talking, or laughing. The patient should not be afraid that it will fall out.


  • Prostheses on implants completely restore the chewing function, which is equivalent to eating with natural teeth. Such functions will never be performed by the removable dentures, which move while eating or talking, distorts, irritates the mucous membranes, can rub wounds.


  • Bone is subjected to a chewing load when chewing food with tooth restoration on implants, so it prevents tooth loss.


  • Dentures installed on implants perfectly perform an aesthetic function – the teeth look natural, realistic, stable.


The course of the procedure

2 dental implants are fixed in the area of ​​the anterior group of teeth, where usually the amount of bone is sufficient to the implant. The other 2 implants are threaded at an angle in the area of ​​the lateral tooth group. This procedure guarantees minimal postoperative pain and discomfort to the patient. Fixed dentures are applied immediately after implantation, so it allows the patient to live his regular life without any discomfort.

Duration of the procedure

During the first visit, implants are threaded and temporary teeth are attached to them. At the end of the healing period, the patient is given permanent teeth. Due to the simplicity of treatment, there are virtually no age restrictions. Each patient is individual and the duration of healing may vary, so CLINIC | DPC specialists will help you and prescribe a personalized treatment plan.

Other implantation methods:

Immediate implantation

The clinic uses advanced implants that restore teeth in just one day. The implant is screwed into the root of the tooth that has just been removed and a temporary tooth is immediately attached. The appearance of a temporary tooth is no different from the natural tooth. However, after immediate implantation, your chewing functions will remain limited until an implant fully heals up, but you will instantly enjoy your new, beautiful smile, and comfortable chewing function will soon follow.
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all on 4
The unique All-on-4 treatment is designed for people who have lost most or all of their teeth. With this technique, only 4 implants are used instead of 6-8 for complete restoration of teeth for one jaw. This implantation technique takes care of your oral health and helps avoid complicated bone augmentation procedures.
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Zygoma implants are quite different from conventional dental implants in that they anchor into the cheekbones, instead of your upper jaw. They may be used when maxillary bone quality or quantity is inadequate for the placement of regular dental implants. Zygoma implants are very durable and reliable. Attachment of an implant to the zygomatic bone securely holds teeth crowns in place.
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Zirconia dental implants

Zirconia dental implants are known as non-metal, ceramic implants. Because the substance has no harm to the human body, zirconia implants are often recommended for people prone to allergic reactions. The new generation of zirconia implants is one of the safest, most reliable, and durable dental restoration methods. Zirconium dental implants are durable and look more natural. Because Zirconium does not release any allergic particles to the body, this method of implantation is strongly recommended for allergy-prone patients.
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“Trefoil” system

“Trefoil” is a dental implantation method used for the recovery of lower jaw teeth. During “Trefoil” implantation, 3 implants are screwed into your lower jaw, and you will be ready for attachment of permanent dental crowns the next day. A fast and incredibly effective treatment.
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