Audronė’s story


I believe that the most important thing is constant movement and change. No matter the age – you have to seek out and experience the wonders of life! But how can you achieve that without a smile? It eases the challenges of life, the world seems much more colorful, and the people seem much more honest. I had tooth problems all my life – I lost some of them, and my dental root canals required proper treatment. I am very happy to have found this clinic – I have had implants, dentures and went through endodontic treatment.


Now I can finally taste the beauty of everyday life and I look forward to surprises the next day will bring. I always stay active and pursue my hobbies and dreams. That is why I don’t want my smile to be overshadowed by insecurities. Now I can finally communicate without experiencing anxiety. I am forever grateful to the team of doctors at CLINIC | DPC. They fulfilled my dream to smile without any shame and restraint. I did not only regain my smile – It feels like I grew wings! I recommend CLINIC | DPC to anyone who wants their own wings!

A smile for your soul’s flights!

How did we treat Audronė?

  • 1

    We created an individualized treatment plan.

    At first, we began by thoroughly consulting the patient and taking a panoramic photo. After creating a treatment plan, we explained everything to the patient in detail. For best results, oral hygiene procedures were performed.
  • 2

    Dental implantation

    At the patient’s request, insertion of an implant was performed during mild suppression of consciousness – sedation. After implantation, sutures were removed and endodontic (tooth root canal) treatment was performed.
  • 3

    Preparation for prosthetic dentistry procedures.

    After endodontic treatment, the tooth crown was reinforced with special fiberglass pins. The teeth were subsequently polished and temporary dentures were made. A follow-up visit took place two months later to evaluate the healing process by taking a panoramic picture.
  • 4


    Four months later, the prosthetic dentistry procedures have begun – the necessary measurements were made and the permanent dental crowns were carefully created in our laboratory. Permanent crowns are attached to the teeth and screwed on the implants.
  • 5

    Follow-up dental care

    After 6 months, to ensure quality and long-term results, we invite the patient for a check-up visit and oral hygiene procedures.