Mantvydas’ story

#chipped tooth

My friends love to joke that “busy” is my middle name! I often hear that I have some sort of “restless engine” – I never stay in one place, and my head is full of ideas, dreams, future plans. Personal growth and development are very important to me. I believe that sport is a great tool that helps us achieve these goals. I used to play basketball professionally, but now I just try to stay active. Unfortunately, working out leaves you vulnerable to injuries, which is exactly what happened to me – I chipped my tooth. I contacted CLINIC | DPC for help, and I am very happy with the results. I received fast prosthetic treatment and acquired the necessary protection to prevent future injuries – a sports mouthguard. Now, with the help of CLINIC | DPC, I do everything I can to protect and cherish my smile. I know that I will always receive the desired professional help and consultations. I recommend CLINIC | DPC to everyone, who believes in the power of a smile!

Challenges are more fun with a smile.

How did we treat Mantvydas?

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    We created an individualized treatment plan.

    A successful start is a crucial part of any treatment, so we invited Mantvydas for a thorough consultation. After taking a panoramic photo of the patient’s teeth, we proceeded with our treatment my performing oral hygiene procedures.
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    Preparation for prosthetic dentistry procedures.

    To ensure the patients’ good teeth condition, we referred Mantvydas to endodontic treatment (dental root canal). After these necessary procedures, a dental crown was reinforced with special fiberglass pins. Then we started the prosthetic dentistry procedures – the necessary teeth were polished and temporary prostheses were made. After that, the prints were removed for the accurate creation of permanent crowns.
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    After the manufacturing of permanent prostheses, the crowns were cemented on the tooth. To prevent future injuries, the patient is provided with individual dental protection – a sports mouthguard.
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    Follow-up dental care

    Six months later, the patient has arrived for a check-up visit and oral hygiene procedures.