Tomas’ story


Fracture of the jaw – painful trauma.
In the years of wild capitalism, in the nineties, I experienced this “pleasure”.
In the middle of the spring day, in 1992, when I was a student, strangers kicked me and crashed in the very city center of Kaunas. With both broken jaws, broken teeth, I was hospitalized for three months. Since you can’t eat, just drink – from a sporty 115kg athlete the weight dropped to 75kg pioneer.
But nothing – I survived. Everything has been worked out – the human body, and especially the young organism is very fragile, but at the same time – very viable and strong.
Only in the treatment of very severely affected teeth- wires severely restrain each tooth in such a way that the enamel and healing bones suck calcium from the teeth.
Visits to the dentist became an integral part of life and increased. How to pay utility taxes – almost monthly. That’s how I’ve lived for 25 years. And there was job opportunity work with the Prince of Saudi Arabia. I have decided that something needs to be changed urgently.
I was the same as all Lithuanians – I was looking for a quality and good price. And even more so – flexible schedule, because soon I had to go to Bahrain.
When I started searching, I met Dr. Simonas and Dr. Kristina. Everything suited me to the best possible quality, professionalism, and flexible schedule, and also new modern premises clinic DPC.

The investment was solid, but I was very pleased. And when, if not now?
I hope to smile for at least a few dozen more years, because it’s so good to live. But who knows everything in the will of the Supreme, InShaAllah.
And the most ridiculous episode happened in Bahrain when I visited Mr. Abdulrahman, the governor of Saudi Arabia’s largest bank in Bahrain, selling archiving services. I’m just starting to talk, telling us what our company is doing, he looks at me and says:
“Very interesting, but your teeth Tom”
“Thank you” – I smile with restraint and continue.
He listens again and says,
“Tell your dentists I’ve never seen more beautifu teeth. Yes, how’s that archive?” 😊
After third time we have been laughing, I’ve told him my story, I’ve got a box of gifts and we’re saying goodbye until the next time.
*Text of patient Tomas Kriščiūnas

I hope to smile for at least a few dozen more years, because it’s so good to live.