Liepa‘s story

#pediatric dental care

In the past, I was very afraid to repair my teeth. I was afraid of needles, and that it would hurt a lot. One of my teeth started to hurt and my mom said that apparently, some sort of caries needed to be taken care of. It was scary to go to the doctor, but I didn’t want to have that painful caries in my mouth. The doctor showed all the tools that treat the teeth and used a “jam” to put my tooth to sleep. There was no pain and the doctor told funny stories. I was surprised that my caries was gone so quickly. In the end, I got a sticker, a coloring book, and it still showed me how to brush my teeth correctly. I’ll tell all of my friends that treating teeth is not scary at all!

If you don’t want caries, always brush your teeth!

How did we treat Liepa?

  • 1

    An introduction to an odontologist

    Children are very special patients, often terrified by dental procedures. We start by striking up a friendly conversation, introduce them to the equipment and the process of treatment.
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    At our next appointment, the treatment has begun – tooth decay was eliminated, and after the little patient has chosen the color of the filling, dental filling procedures have begun.
  • 3

    A dental care lesson

    Good dental care habits are the base of good oral health. Liepa was taught proper dental care with some encouraging rewards. The follow-up visit was scheduled six months later.